New Year, New Decade, and Some New Things Headed Y'all's Way!

As always, thank you. 

Heart-N-Paws Pet Boutique is founded on a love of animals and the special bond that we share with our pets. When I started this small business last year it was based on a dream and thanks to people like y'all this dream has become a reality. With that being said everything designed and introduced to the shop is done so with these same values in mind. Keep reading to see some new things headed your way in 2020!

Our "Everyday" Bandanas. 

Already we have introduced the first of our "everyday" bandanas. We are excited to offer a special bandana for your pet's birthday as well as for when your pet is the star of an engagement photo shoot. We hope to continue to add to this collection by adding more occasions call for the perfect bandana! 

You're Going to Love our Valentine's Collection.

In the coming weeks our Valentine's collection will launch with some new personalization options to make our bandanas even more special. We hope that our seasonal collections as well as the new "everyday" bandanas allow you to find something perfect for your pet.

Matchy Match

Additonally, our Matchy Match sets were a popular hit this past Christmas season and we are fully intending to keep that desire to have a matching something for you and your pet available throughout the year. Stay tuned to see what we have come up with!

Stay Tunded, the Future is 2020 ;)