Do's and Don'ts of Thanksgiving with Your Pet

Thanksgiving is just a few days away! We have compiled a list of things to remember for your fur baby this holiday!

First Lets Start with the Do's...

Do have a quiet place for your pet to go throughout the day:


Even our pets get stressed out when there is a million people over! Create a place for them to go that is quiet and off limits to other guests in your home. Your bedroom or any area that is not being used by your guests is a perfect place to have a favorite blanket and some toys waiting for your pet when they need a break. 


Do Let Them Enjoy a *Tiny* Bit of Turkey:


Do Indulge in Some Sweet Potatoes and Other Veggies:skinless, boneless, and unseasoned turkey is a nice treat for your pet this Thanksgiving. 


Do Endulge in Some Sweet Potatoes and Other Veggies:


Sweet potatoes without the marshmallows are a nice treat for your pet as well! Also unseasoned and unbuttered veggies like broccoli and carrots are a food your pet can enjoy along with everyone else this Thursday!



Now the Don'ts...

Don't Let Your Pet Have Any Bones:


Bones are not safe for your pet to play or chew on. When chewed on they easily crack and splinter causing a number of severe problems, all which require a veterinarian to diagnose and treat. 


Don't Feed Your Pet Dessert:

From cakes to chocolate chip cookies to the pumpkin pie, save your pet a trip to the veterinarian and steer clear of the sweets. While plain pumpkin is acceptable for pets to eat the spices added to the traditional pumpkin pie found on the dinner table make this a dessert best not had. Sugars and chocolate in other treats make them dangerous for your fur baby to enjoy. 


Don't Let Your Pet Eat as Much as They Want:


While we may gather around the table and stuff our bellies to our hearts content, it is best not to let our pets follow this example. While it is acceptable for your pet to have a bit of turkey and vegetables this Thanksgiving, it should all be done in moderation in order to avoid stomach upsets and trips to the veterinarian. 


Most Important... Do Enjoy This Time with Friends, Family, and Your Fur Baby!

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